Payment21® can be integrated rapidly via our API technology

The Payment21® Application Programming Interface (API) is an HTML-based solution that allows your customers to select an alternative payment method on your website using digital cash to pay for goods and services online.

Customer data and payment information can be transmitted safely  from your website to our database via the API connectivity. We offer different ways to integrate our application programming interface depending upon the size and needs of your website. The Payment21® APIs provide a secured, lightweight and accurate method by which to communicate and send/receive highly sensitive data with or without leaving your cashier page.

Payment21® provides two types of APIs

  • Crypto Payment API integrated directly via
  • Crypto Payment API integrated via ACI / Pay.On.

Benefits of using our APIs

  • Tailor-made integration that fits your needs
  • Your website attracts tech-savvy customers who don't want to pay by credit card
  • Our APIs are safe and easy to implement
  • Customized payment page to accept digital currency globally
  • Your developers integrate a viable payment method quickly

Out of the Box Solutions

In addition, we offer further integration methods to suit each individual merchant's needs: 

  • Payment21® Button is the easiest integration method. All you need to do is copy and paste a short HTML code in order to route traffic to Payment21®. This solution is designed especially for small merchants.
  • E-Billing B2B features facilitating cash management of multinational enterprises in emerging markets. Our exchange office provides swift conversions and secure remittance services to corporate clients. 


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