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Payment21® enables e-commerce merchants and financial intermediaries to accept digital cash online in compliance with AML-laws. The bitcoin cashier system includes gateway services, collection of funds, currency exchange, clearing & settlement, data processing, reporting, and compliance services. 

Our gateway leverages the merchant´s e-commerce application and back office payment infrastructure through a proprietary Web-based system. As a collection company, we automate digital cash acceptance. In addition, our fully integrated OTC-exchange office solution accelerates conversion of digital cash into legal tender enabling us to deposit funds directly to the merchant´s bank.

The service provides immediate clearing of funds with a focus on the cash flow requirements of high-volume businesses that accept thousands of payments per month.

Payment21®’s application is a bank-agnostic software suite that enables merchants to transact digital cash in compliance with applicable anti-money-laundering (AML) standards and legally valid Know-Your-Customer (KYC) practices.

The bitcoin cashier system is a versatile tool supporting multiple use cases, also, consisting of a high-frequency processing engine that works with a certified crypto wallet client generating unique intermediary addresses, and handling funds safely.

With Payment21®, clients accelerate accounts receivables and increase cash balances thanks to instant clearing and speedy settlement of funds directly into their dedicated crypto wallet or bank account.

Your benefits

  • Accelerated clearing times - meaning faster access to funds and improved cash flow
  • Compliance with KYC-rules and AML-regulations
  • Streamlined collection process reducing your time- and labor-related expenses

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