Initial Coin Offerings - getting it done the compliant way

Payment21® leverages partnerships with digital currency projects enabling crowd-sales of newly issued coins to institutional investors, qualified investors, and retail investors worldwide. 

We offer new tokens to the general public as well as to financial intermediaries such as banksinvestment funds, and asset managers. Our ICO service initiates digital cash flows across blockchains. Payment21® brings digital currency projects into the world by bridging the gap between the digital cash ecosystem and regulated financial services. The ICO service includes consulting, compliance, research & development, crowdfunding, marketing, processing, and underwriting. 


  • Evaluation, selection and implementation of legal frameworks
  • Structuring of simple and highly complex tokenized assets
  • Connectivity to capital market infrastructure providers
  • Creation of investor memorandum and sales strategy
  • Definition and analysis of cash flows


  • Legal framework for AML-compliance
  • Providing audit trails and financial transparency
  • Compliance advisory based on practical experience
  • Regulatory consulting from Fintech lawyers and qualified experts
  • Adherence with international standards for financial market supervision and regulation

Research & Development

  • IT-security and custom-built storage solutions
  • Creation of digital structured products by accredited Fintech specialists
  • Selection of platforms and smart contract software for cryptographic securitization of assets like digital bonds
  • Issuance of assets based on crypto software projects, financial instruments, intangible assets, real assets, receivables or property rights


  • On-boarding of institutional investors, qualified investors, retail investors.
  • Providing exchange services making digital currency and legal tender interchangeable
  • Offering a safe place bringing credibility for smart contract issuers and assurance for investors
  • Handling public coin offerings and digital cash management for smart contract platforms and issuers
  • Allocating platform-agnostic financial services to invest in crowd sale offerings for digital currency projects


  • Social media campaigns for token sales
  • PR for digital currency media and mainstream channels
  • Connecting applications with investors bringing projects and people together
  • Promoting crypto coin crowdfunding, and the launch of blockchain-driven applications


  • Acting as accredited crypto paying agent for traditional custodian banks and depository institutions
  • Providing tailor-made solutions to any jurisdiction keeping compliance requirements in mind
  • Risk-free clearing & settlement infrastructure to access emerging markets
  • Pre & Post-trade processing of digital assets for financial institutions
  • Inbound and outbound payments processing for investment funds
  • Processing of initial token crowd sales for investment banks


  • Trading & hedging of assets
  • Lead management & liquidity guarantees 
  • Sophisticated trading strategies and risk profiles
  • Establishing market on third-party digital exchanges
  • Execution of crowdfunding projects on behalf of third-parties 
  • Suitable fundraising capability: starting from CHF 500k to +100m per project

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