Pioneering Flexibility

Game-changing pricing to meet rapid changes in demand and delivery

Today, the most successful businesses are focused on building valuable customer relationships. A better business thrives on delivering value and cultivates strong bonding with clients. That’s how you build a sustainable recurring revenue stream. You need flexible pricing, tailor-made payment plans and a payment processor that understands how customer relationships evolve over time. Payment21® offers a charging method that is equipped to manage that evolution – something credit card schemes and legacy banking systems just can’t do.

Managing your business with variable rates and fees is difficult. That is why we made our pricing simple and cost effective. Our flat rate makes it easy for you to predict costs for your business and budget accordingly. And you don't need to worry about limited services; all standard features are included with our simple flat rate pricing.

Innovative payment methods working with new pricing models

Looking to get new product lines to the market fast, or do you plan to address new customer segments with tailor-made billing solutions? More and more customers of merchants are demanding service flexibility. Nowadays, the new model for online commerce has to facilitate shorter time-to-market, and it has to provide flexible pricing and packaging options built for flat-rate pricing and usage-based services. Payment21® enables e-commerce and m-commerce merchants to quickly bring new services to market with innovative pricing models and minimal operational constraints. It’s time to offer more creative solutions at lower cost and give your customers the flexibility they want. Are you ready? 

The needs of businesses can vary based on size, scale and stage of growth. For this reason, Payment21® provides distinct account types such as Corporate Account, Business Account, Smart Account and Standard Account that deliver the commerce, billing and finance capabilities that align with the different needs of small businesses and large enterprise organizations.

Each type of account comes with different attributes, as you like:

  • Low-cost
  • Transparent charges
  • Fast reconciliation  
  • Pricing flexibility
  • From freemium to premium
  • Painless accounting
  • Audit peace of mind
  • Deep billing insight
  • Feature-rich billing gateway
  • Recurring revenue recognition
  • Easy data integration
  • Innovative payment methods working with new pricing models


Payment21® offers a low-cost and straightforward pricing model. All charges are clearly displayed and easily comprehensible with no concealed fees in elaborately packaged products. We do not emulate the pricing strategy of credit card schemes and most banks that do not operate with transparency – especially when businesses have to pay fees for payments processing combined with exchange services. Visa, MasterCard and PayPal charge around 3% for processing and an additional 2-8% for exchanging funds into the actual settlement currency of the merchant.

Transparent charges

On top of this, card-acquiring companies frequently deploy sneaky charge models when processing cross-border payments. Points of acceptance are exploited by using leading questions with subtle undertones to talk consumers into Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) whereby card holders end up with a poor exchange rate and ultimately pay much more for their purchase than they would have in the first place. In addition, card processors often take advantage of merchants by applying excessive settlement charges. Abnormally high fees hit the accounts of merchants without letting them realize the total processing cost in good time. Consequently, a merchant’s cash flow suffers from expensive rates imposed by conventional financial players. In contrast, Payment21® strives to provide an affordable pricing model offering transparency with no hidden fees.

Fast reconciliation  

Are you drowning in paperwork trying to calculate charges and aligning invoice items? Does each pricing adjustment seem to just make things worse? Our pricing model takes care of all those complex payment details for you. Reconciliation works out faster and account receivables are handled more quickly, reducing your overall overhead. Our gateway provides you with complete visibility of all customers, revenue and financial data. Payment21® frees you up so you can focus on your revenue model without worrying about operational complexity.

Flexible Pricing

The key to a successful business is pricing flexibility. Whether you're tackling new product lines and customer segments, or responding to customer needs or competitive threats, Payment21®'s billing solution gives you the tools you need to price your service the right way. You can define different recurring billing periods: get paid up-front or space it out monthly, quarterly, or annually. You can combine one-time, recurring, and usage based pricing models. You can setup free trials, offer discounts and launch promotions. And you can even release pricing plans in any currency around the globe.

From freemium to premium

In today's economy you need to manage your customers as they progress from free or entry-level services into premium offerings over their lifetime. That means you need more than a simple "Buy" button. You need a "Renew" button, an "Upgrade" button, and an "Add-On" button. With Payment21®'s billing platform, you'll have the tools to manage ever-changing customer demands. Place new orders as well as create add-ons, upgrades, renewals, or suspensions... all with complete visibility into how each customer account has evolved over time so you know what's working and who is most valuable.

Painless accounting

Take the stress out of your accounting close process. Run trial balances as often as you want and get early insights into how your business performed. When you close, we’ll automatically tell you if there are unresolved transactions so nothing slips through the cracks. Rest assured, we’ve got all of the detailed transactions grouped and summarized, so creating summary journal entries is painless. Make your accounting close a stress-free zone with Payment21®.

Audit peace of mind

Bring on the auditors! With Payment21®'s reporting solution you have complete control over who is touching what sensitive financial data. You can grant permission to perform key financial transactions so only the right users are managing things like withdrawals and refunds. And when you close your accounting period, transactions in Payment21®’s reporting suite are completely locked down to ensure your financial data won't change. That's what we call audit peace of mind.

Deep billing insight

Don’t make decisions in the dark. Payment21® reporting shines the light on your billing data so it’s easy to see which products and business lines are stragglers or big-hitters. Move through time to see trends in your gross billings, credits and cash without having to wade through detailed transactions. Payment21® allows you to market data-driven business decisions quickly.

Feature-rich billing gateway

Of course, sending out e-bills to your customers is only half of the equation. You also need to manage payments from e-commerce and mobile interfaces, and not just one-time payments, but also high-volume, recurring payments...all without skipping a beat. Payment21® E-Billing has you covered. Not only is Payment21® a highly secured platform compliant with international accounting standards, but we've made the invoice-to-cash process simple. Store payment profiles, create customized recurring payment notifications, manage re-try logic, and track recurring payment details, credits, and refunds. Payment21® E-Billing works supports Bitcoin and other digital currencies, We've partnered with an entire ecosystem.

Recurring revenue recognition

Payment21® takes the pain out of recurring revenue recognition by automatically producing your deferred revenue schedule for goods and services sold on a recurring basis. But we don't stop there. We also give you all the detailed line by line revenue reports to take the anxiety out of your audit process. And to top it all off, we also generate all those revenue journal entries that your General Ledger loves. That's revenue recognition made easy!

Easy data integration

Now that you have online commerce and e-invoicing, it's time to simplify your financial processes. Once again, Payment21® has you covered. Keep tabs on your accounting and recurring revenue recognition data, and then easily sync up with your legacy accounting system. Payment21®'s payment platform makes integration to any accounting system easy, regardless of whether you're just getting started with QuickBooks or are utilizing SAP through and through. With Payment21®, you can easily tag transactions using your general ledger codes to quickly summarize the data you want to transfer. Payment21®'s pre-built integration logic even helps you lock transactions independently from your accounting close lockdown, making data integrity easy. And the typically complex processes like payment exception handling and taxation are a breeze with Payment21®.

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