Start accepting digital cash

An award-winning cashier system for digital currency

Payment21® allows you to accept digital cash through your website and via a virtual terminal at your point of sale (POS).

Our award-winning bitcoin cashier system supports straight-through processing (STP) of inbound and outbound payments. In addition, we provide a range of digital cash conversion products including bitcoin/fiat exchange services. Whether your company is strictly online or offline, our solution can be integrated into your business and your bank.

Core services

• E-commerce processing of digital currency, ether and other coins facilitating digital cash payments for regulated merchants. 

• Pre & Post-trade processing of digital assets for financial intermediaries supporting asset managers, investment funds, custodians, and depository banks.

Other services

• Bitcoin Brokerage: Enterprise-level OTC-brokerage processing domestic and international buy and sell transactions through bank wires and banknotes. Our digital currency trading desk comes with abounding liquidity offering quotes for up to 1M CHF/EUR/USD per day. Clearing and settlement in multiple currencies.

• Money Transfer B2C bringing AML-compliant digital currency disbursements with video verification to regulated vendors. 

• Bitcoin Debit Card compatible with post-millennial lifestyles. Our prepaid card comes in plastic or virtual form. It offers real-time coherence between digital and fiat supporting global delivery, multiple loads, ATM-withdrawals, online verification, and shopping anywhere Visa & MasterCard is accepted. 

• E-Billing B2B facilitating cash management of multinational enterprises in emerging markets. Our exchange office provides swift conversions and secure remittance services to corporate clients. 

• Initial Coin Offerings (ICO): We offer new tokens to the public and initiate digital cash flows across blockchains. Our ICO-service brings digital currency projects into the world by bridging the gap between the digital cash ecosystem and regulated financial services.

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