Settlement Times

Instant credits with accelerated clearing and settlement

Payments are credited to your merchant account in real time, making it possible for you to deliver products and services instantly, directly over the Web.

Compared to other alternative payment methods, such as wire transfers, our processing engine runs at an accelerated rate. Most payments get settled in legal tender on the same day or the next business day, with rare exception when it may take up to 72 hours - depending on weekends and bank holidays.

We offer a fast settlement process so merchants get their money quickly. With Payment21®, merchants get funded same day, next day or within a few business days - as you like it. The available payout cycles are daily or “just-in-time” depending on the merchant's transaction volume and chosen subscription plan. Payment21® collects and deposits all payments processed from the previous payout cycle directly to your bank account or local Bitcoin wallet in accordance with your settlement preferences.

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